We intend to use the grant to support the development of a new netball training facility. We are currently currently in the process of submitting applications to various bodies to develop a local netball training facility for our Club and the wider community.

Due to the rapid growth of our club – 4 years ago we had 2 teams and we now have 10 and would estimate another 4 for the next season – and with the rapid and continued growth of Narangba as a suburb we have reached the point of outgrowing our current facilities. We currently use 2 courts at the local school, however only have access to these one night per week.

We have been in negotiation with another school (who have 2 courts but no floodlighting) to expand their court provision and install lighting for the complex. The first stage of this development will be the addition of 2 new courts, and this grant will go a long way towards installing the lighting for these courts.